Premium Smokehouse Ham



Kaczanowski Smokehouse Ham – Bone In $25.00/kg

Full and Half legs available. Traditional smoke house leg ham, double smoked on the bone.

Please note:

  • This is a variable weight product.
  • The online price is indicative and there may be a balance due upon pick up.
  • Half hams weigh between 4kg-6kg** 
  • Full hams weigh between 5kg-7kg** 


Purchase of this product is a deposit only, any balance is payable on/prior to pick up.

Full Leg weight approx 5kg-7kg**. Please be prepared to pay approximately $125-$175.

Half Leg weight approx 4kg-6kg**. Please be prepared to pay approximately $100-$150.

**Weights are varied and cannot be guaranteed.


Certified Australian Pork prepared traditionally by local Kaczanowski Smokehouse. Butchered with bone in only in one end. The flavour is a mild smokehouse flavour. This premium, smokehouse Christmas Ham will save you hours of preparation time and will keep for weeks if stored correctly.

Store at or below 4°C after opening, wrapped in a in clean tea towel or ham bag in vinegar solution.  

– Easy Carve
– Certified 100% Australian pork
– Gluten & MSG free


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