Krug Appreciation Evening

Where else on the Gold Coast do you have the opportunity to taste high quality Caviars, sparkling wines and a $350 bottle of Krug for the modest price of an enjoyable evening out? Nowhere.

Our guests were also able to purchase the caviar and items we served collectively to make up the canapes, to take home and enjoy.

Our connoisseur for the evening, Darren, took us on an interesting journey with each vintage. Leading the group of 20 guests through a progressive tasting to our champion of the evening- the Multi Vintage Krug Grand Cuvee. Sipping on cold glorious bubbles while hearing about the craft and dedication in making every bottle by a traditional method that is centuries old really helps to savour the flavour and appreciate the dedication and craft of the producers. Darren explained the technique for opening a bottle with a saber.

Jane and Neil from Black Pearl told of the scarcity of fish that bare caviar this makes it such a luxury. We were also guided through the traditional method of tasting caviar having it served from a spoon made of mother of pearl and placed on to the back of the hand so as to not take anything away from the delicate taste.

Our guests were enthused to tell us how much they enjoyed the night. Everyone is looking forward to more cellar and pantry events that are planned for this year to celebrate the finest food producers from all over which are sure to please all palettes.

It was a great night! Thanks to everyone for sharing it with us and we hope you are inspired for the summer season entertaining.